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It can also be downloaded from Steam and This game only runs on Windows PC and installation requires an 'Administrator' Windows account. To download the demo from this page click the download button:

  Download Clans to Kingdoms
(web download)

After the download finishes please run the windows installer 'CTK_setup_V1206.exe'. The redistributables included in the installer (DirectX 11.0 and VC++) are automatically installed and are required for the game to run. To play the Full Version either buy the game from Steam or buy a key from

The game does not work on Android or any other OS. All setup and executable files have been submitted for analysis to several antivirus being checked as virus free, the file hashes are given at the bottom of the page. When first running the game your antivirus may interrupt the execution of the executable for analysis and then restart it. In more rare occasions some antivirus add clean executable to the virus chest when installing and/or running, in this case it is required to manually remove the game executable from the virus chest and in more rare cases to add it to the antivirus white list, guess this is one of the cases the antivirus become a virus :|
(also when loading games or reading the game data files some antivirus may analyse the saved games and data files causing a reading error and causing either a game error or halting the game execution, the solution is to let the antivirus analyse the files and restart the game)

  Download Update v. (from v1.2 it is required a full reinstall)  
- detects more joystick/gamepad types than before;  
- not all joystick/gamepad commands would work with 'Mouse Acceleration' setting off;  
- it was not possible to redefine the joystick/gamepad controls while in-game;  
- right/left axis were swapped.  
- occasionally when the AI proposed an Alliance and the player accepted, the diplomatic stance was not correctly changed;  
- the selected army path would sometimes (for brief moments) be shown out of place (mostly when moving the mouse to and out of the top pane);  
- introduces a small delay when highlighting each map tile (avoids the occasional blinking between adjacent tiles). At the moment this delay cannot be set on any of the settings menus, can be edited in the file 'settings.ini' (setting 'SelectDelay' under 'Game Play'). Allowed values are between 0 and 150, default value is 75, a value of 0 corresponds to the previous versions;  
- update v1.2.0.3-v1.2.0.5 solves bugs unintendedly introduced in update v1.2.0.2, water tiles were not highlighted and bugs with the selected army path/activation/garrison.  
- increases performance for refractions with lod models;  
- 'Refractions' setting was reset when changing the 'Texture bit/pixel' from 'low' to 'high' (note that Refractions are not recommended for low specification systems).  
  Version 1.2:  
- adds low resolution models (low poly) so that game performance is increased. These models are displayed for zoom greater than the 'shadows/Buildings Zoom' settings. When shadows are off you can choose to play with low resolution buildings only by ticking the settings option 'No Detailed Buildings' (this significantly increases performance for low end systems).  
- in the construction menu, the retrieved materials for demolishing towers was incorrectly displayed together with the retrieved materials for demolishing walls;  
- when razing settlements wall and towers materials where not added to the plundered materials;  
- when razing full settlements with research buildings the game would crash (this was a reported bug);  
- fishing boats at fish shoals would not always be updated correctly (when turning on/off production, upgrading/destroying/moving 'Fishing Wharfs');  
- some of the animations would not show near the borders of the screen;  
- turning on/off shadows in the in-game graphics menu could cause the game to crash;  
- corrects the cost of the 'Oak Carpenter' extension ('City Carpenter' building);  
- corrects the cost of the 'Marble Sculptor' extension ('City Sculptor' building);  
- 'Tax Collector' and 'House of Commerce' are now listed in the 'Management and Housing Buildings' (instead of 'Education and Entertainment Buildings');  
- includes a small revision to the research tree dependences (some researches are not immediately required for the next level advancement and others are required indirectly trough the materials/buildings required for upgrades, this is intended and you can choose not to research some of them, as in the previous versions it is required to research all researches to unlock the bonus researches);  
- revises acceptance/offer of peace by the AI civilizations;  
- maximum number of civilizations is increased to 20 (available for maps of size greater or equal to 160x160 tiles);  
- for some systems there was a small stall when changing the current playing song, to avoid this stall there is a new setting allowing to load all music at game start (default is on, only available for 64bit systems with more than 4GB memory, not available for custom playlists);  
- 'Max 30 Fps' option was added to the in-game graphics settings menu;  
- new settings option allowing to show fps (frames per second) in-game (default is off), displayed above the minimap when in world (not displayed in the menus and when in a settlement), it is also displayed when in the in-game graphics settings menu;  
- adds the text of recent updates to the game modifications;  
- several other bugs and corrections including occasional oscillations in tools/iron production and using the iron reserve over alternate turns (sometimes when both missing), some text corrections (to build new settlements it is required to research 'Settlement Management', previously only mentioned in the tutorials, it is now explicitly in the respective research description), overlapped text in one of the menus, the 'Research Points:' text would not become green when the bonus researches can be researched, the current tax bonus for each settlement was incorrectly displayed (in the left information pane when choosing the settlement to apply the bonus, the text is also corrected), when reaching the maximum tax bonus for one of the settlements the game would crash and it was possible to keep training units after reaching the respective max level.  
  Version 1.1.3:  
- Corrects bug that would stall the game when moving the current map position. Apologies for this bug. This is a unreported bug and for the tested systems only happened once in over 100h testing time, however do not know what the frequency on other systems, could be more frequent or never happening.  
  Version 1.1.2(.1):  
- revises shadows computation (tree and fish shadows were sometimes not displayed correctly);  
- 'Highest' setting value for shadows is discontinued, however the remaining setting values scale with screen resolution (were fixed in previous versions);  
- increases fps at expense of increasing cpu usage (for all systems);  
- fps are by default caped at 30fps, maximum non capped is 60fps as opposed to 40fps of the previous versions (patch v1.1.2.1 adds option 'Max 30 Fps' to 'Graphics Settings Menu');  
- finishes corrections to zoom in/out (it was still snapping near the lower edge of the map).  
  Version 1.1.1:  
- adds 2 music tracks to the game sound track (please note that by mistake it was originally announced that the game included 11 music tracks while only 10 were included, there are now 12 original music tracks by Abdenara);  
- the graphic quality is now decreased when zooming out, this allows for up to 30% increase in fps for low specification systems (the increase for medium/high specification systems is relatively small). Accordingly there are 2 new graphic options ('Texture Detail Zoom' and 'Shadows Zoom');  
- corrects controls menu text;  
  Version 1.1.0(.2):  
- adds language modifications to the game, new fonts and alternative/translation text can be modified. Mod instructions and templates (zip file) are in the folder '(game install Folder)\Mods' including the fonts: Czech (extension), Cyrillic, Japanese and Devanagari (with partial Bengali). The language mod files should be placed in the same folder;  
- divides game difficulty into 'Management Difficulty' and 'AI Difficulty' which can be set on 'Game Settings' when starting a new game. Note that each of these difficulties have 4 levels: 'easy', 'standard', 'hard' and 'hardest';  
- implements some revisions to the AI and solves a bug that was slowing down AI civilizations evolution;  
- for the AI difficulty 'hard' and 'hardest' the inhabitants have higher stats and militar units decreased view range);  
- 'Flax and Herbs Forager' now upgrade either to 'Flax Farm' or 'Herbs Farm', depending on the existent farm buildings;  
- it allows to load save games from the previous versions both for singleplayer and multiplayer, having the same difficulty for Management and AI;  
- multiplayer games are not compatible with the previous versions;  
- solves a bug that could cause the game to crash when razing settlements;  
- [v1.1.0.1] allows for mods containing only font files (these were not working);  
- [v1.1.0.2] allows to test mod changes without restarting the game and does not exit the game when failing to load font files (rechecks the mod each time the language arrows are clicked and implements new error logs in 'error_file.log').  
The 'Language Mod Tools' is the last planed update for Clans to Kingdoms. In case you find a bug/problem and want it corrected please let us know, otherwise we consider that the game is complete.  
  Version 1.0.11:  
- introduces an option for 'Mouse Acceleration', the default is 'off'. In case you prefer the mouse movement of the previous versions you can turn it 'on' on the Control Settings (also in-game). This was corrected by direct request;  
- smooths camera movement, when it zooms in/out due to the clouds and terrain;  
- revises camera rotations when near clouds and terrain edges (often the view height and rotation would jump due to the clouds);  
- when changing in-game the 'View All' option updates the zoom (would only update when moving the camera after leaving the menu);  
- the armies/settlements shortcuts can now be cleared (pressing + number marks/unmarks army/settlement) and when first marked are highlighted;  
- corrects the water tiles highlight for non-standard 'water height' (this option can be set on the game settings when starting a new game);  
- adds the number of turns until gaining/loosing a inhabitant to the information pane 'Population' of the settlements (only appears when inside a settlement and when it takes more than 1 turn to increase/decrease population);  
- the research points displayed on the top pane are now rounded down (apologies for this bug, it was detected previously and intended to be corrected several updates ago);  
- in the in-game Graphics Settings Menu the 'need to apply settings' warning appears whenever any of the settings cannot be visualized without applying the settings.  

At the moment the executable and setup files do not have a digital code-signature as the certificate price is recurrent and beyond our current budget, if you like the game please purchase a game copy. The setup and executable file hashes for the most recent game version are listed below which (hopefully) should be enough to verify the origin and authenticity of the software:

'CTK_setup_V1206.exe' file hash:

'CTK.exe' file hash:
'CTK32.exe' file hash:
'netGames.exe' file hash:
'SerialActivation.exe' file hash:

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