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Game Description

Clans to Kingdoms is an independent 4X Turn-Base Strategy Game (TBS) with elements of a City Building Game for Windows PC. You start as a small Clan with one single settlement and the aim is to manage and develop your civilization up to a Kingdom with several cities and armies.

The Full Version has 6 settlement levels, 3 outpost levels, 120 researches, 150 distinct buildings and 21 distinct military units with an original soundtrack of 11 music tracks. Both single and LAN/internet multiplayer games can be played with up to 15 civilizations and map sizes ranging from 100x100 to 500x500 tiles. Includes 6 in-game tutorials. Multiplayer games require distinct serials for each player.

The Demo Version is singleplayer only, allowing to play up to the first settlement level advancement (200 turns) with a soundtrack of 2 music tracks. Can be played with up to 11 civilizations and map sizes of 100x100 to 120x120 tiles. Includes 4 in-game tutorials.


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Launch Video
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Gameplay Video
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Screenshot background: Clans to Kingdoms, a 4X Turn-Based Strategy City Building game
1/18 (Encapment)
Screenshot 1 (Encapment)
2/18 (Army Menu)
Screenshot 2 (Army Menu)
3/18 (Research Menu)
Screenshot 3 (Research Menu)
Large screenshot 1 (Encampment)
1/18 (Encampment)
Large screenshot 2 (Army Menu)
2/18 (Army Menu)
Large screenshot 3 (Research Menu)
3/18 (Research Menu)
Large screenshot 4 (Pine Woodcutter)
4/18 (Pine Woodcutter)
Large screenshot 5 (Hunter)
5/18 (Hunter)
Large screenshot 6 (Hunter Upgrade)
6/18 (Hunter Upgrade)
Large screenshot 7 (Hunter Camp)
7/18 (Hunter Camp)
Large screenshot 8 (Chieftain Tent)
8/18 (Chieftain Tent)
Large screenshot 9 (Army Movement)
9/18 (Army Movement)
Large screenshot 10 (Army Combat)
10/18 (Army Combat)
Large screenshot 11 (Army)
11/18 (Army)
Large screenshot 12 (Castle)
12/18 (Castle)
Large screenshot 13 (Cavalry Army)
13/18 (Cavalry Army)
Large screenshot 14 (Stronghold)
14/18 (Stronghold)
Large screenshot 15 (Production Overview)
15/18 (Production Overview)
Large screenshot 16 (Army Overview)
16/18 (Army Overview)
Large screenshot 17 (Settlement Overview)
17/18 (Settlement Overview)
Large screenshot 18 (Treasury Overview)
18/18 (Treasury Overview)


Download the setup file, run it and follow the windows installer instructions (link at the top left of the page).

To activate the full version buy a serial key (link at the top right of the page). In-game click 'Activation', enter the serial key and click 'Activate'. The full research tree, the full soundtrack and LAN/internet multiplayer games are unlocked. For multiplayer games are required distinct serials for each player.


External links:  YouTube channel 

System Requirements (PC)

  Recommended: Minimum:
OS: Windows 10 Windows 7
Video Card:
NVIDIA GeForce GT 740
equivalent or above, compatible with DirectX 11
compatible with DirectX 10
Processor: Intel i5 2.5GHz, equivalent or aboveIntel Pentium 2.0GHz, equivalent
HD: 1.2GB 1.2GB
(install the free Demo Version to test system compatibility)



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About Us

We are a very small developer team based in Lisbon (Portugal). Currently (matching this game title) 'Clans to Kingdoms' is the main individual developer/artist and representative for this video game being also, as an individual, the distributor and publisher. For any question contact us:

contact @ clanstokingdoms.com or clanstokingdoms @ gmail.com

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