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Game Description

Clans to Kingdoms is an independent 4X Turn-Base Strategy Game (TBS) with elements of a City Building Game for Windows PC. You start as a small Clan with one single settlement and the aim is to manage and develop your civilization up to a Kingdom with several cities and armies.

The Full Version has 6 settlement levels, 3 outpost levels, 120 researches, 150 distinct buildings and 21 distinct military units with an original soundtrack of 11 music tracks. Both single and (LAN/internet) multiplayer games can be played with up to 15 civilizations and map sizes ranging from 100x100 to 500x500 tiles. Includes 6 in-game tutorials.

The Demo Version is singleplayer only, allowing to play up to the first settlement level advancement (200 turns) with a soundtrack of 2 music tracks. Can be played with up to 11 civilizations and map sizes of 100x100 to 120x120 tiles. Includes 4 in-game tutorials.


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Launch Video
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Gameplay Video
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Screenshot background: Clans to Kingdoms, a 4X Turn-Based Strategy City Building game
1/18 (Encapment)
Screenshot 1 (Encapment)
2/18 (Army Menu)
Screenshot 2 (Army Menu)
3/18 (Research Menu)
Screenshot 3 (Research Menu)
Large screenshot 1 (Encampment)
1/18 (Encampment)
Large screenshot 2 (Army Menu)
2/18 (Army Menu)
Large screenshot 3 (Research Menu)
3/18 (Research Menu)
Large screenshot 4 (Pine Woodcutter)
4/18 (Pine Woodcutter)
Large screenshot 5 (Hunter)
5/18 (Hunter)
Large screenshot 6 (Hunter Upgrade)
6/18 (Hunter Upgrade)
Large screenshot 7 (Hunter Camp)
7/18 (Hunter Camp)
Large screenshot 8 (Chieftain Tent)
8/18 (Chieftain Tent)
Large screenshot 9 (Army Movement)
9/18 (Army Movement)
Large screenshot 10 (Army Combat)
10/18 (Army Combat)
Large screenshot 11 (Army)
11/18 (Army)
Large screenshot 12 (Castle)
12/18 (Castle)
Large screenshot 13 (Cavalry Army)
13/18 (Cavalry Army)
Large screenshot 14 (Stronghold)
14/18 (Stronghold)
Large screenshot 15 (Production Overview)
15/18 (Production Overview)
Large screenshot 16 (Army Overview)
16/18 (Army Overview)
Large screenshot 17 (Settlement Overview)
17/18 (Settlement Overview)
Large screenshot 18 (Treasury Overview)
18/18 (Treasury Overview)


Download the setup file, run it and follow the windows installer instructions (link at the top left of the page).

To activate the full version buy a serial key (link at the top right of the page). In-game click 'Activation', enter the serial key and click 'Activate'. The full research tree, the full soundtrack and LAN/internet multiplayer games are unlocked. For multiplayer games are required distinct serials for each player. If you like the game please support this independent project by buying the game.


External links:  YouTube channel 

System Requirements (PC)

  Recommended: Minimum:
OS: Windows 10 Windows 7
Video Card:
NVIDIA GeForce GT 740
equivalent or above, compatible with DirectX 11
compatible with DirectX 10
Processor: Intel i5 2.5GHz, equivalent or aboveIntel Pentium 2.0GHz, equivalent
HD: 1.2GB 1.2GB
(install the free Demo Version to test system compatibility)


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contact: contact @ clanstokingdoms.com or clanstokingdoms @ gmail.com

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