Title: Clans to Kingdoms, a 4X Turn-Based Strategy City Building game
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Download Clans to Kingdoms

It only runs on Windows PC and installation requires an 'Administrator' Windows account. Click the download button:

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After the download finishes please run the windows installer 'CTK_setup_V109.exe'. The redistributables included in the installer (DirectX 11.0 and VC++) are automatically installed and are required for the game to run.

Installer compiled with Inno Setup. Does not work on Android or any other OS. All setup and executable files have been submitted for analysis to several antivirus being checked as virus free, the file hashes are given at the bottom of the page.

  Download Update v.1.0.9  
  Version 1.0.9 (25.Oct.2019):  
- adds Spanish and Portuguese languages to the game;  
- fully revises English text;  
- fully revises menus;  
- solves bugs in the army menus (create and split);  
- names can nolonger be null (this issue could cause the game to crash);  
- output files are now in wide character encoding, this update will force a reset of the game settings (using non latin characthers for civilization/capital/leader names would cause the game to crash, to keep your current settings you can open the settings file in notepad and 'save as' with 'UTF-16 LE' or 'UNICODE' encoding);  
- it is save game compatible (for saved games the names are not translated);  
  Version 1.0.8 (16.Aug.2019), corrects:  
- fixes scaling of 'Production' menu;  
- fixes information for discard/sell/buy of 'Production' menu that would be updated on the wrong place when scrolling the menu;  
- changing settings in-game is now saved;  
- when loading tutorials in-game shows the map in the load information pane;  
- tweaks several graphics settings both in the start menu and in-game menu, namely 64bit output is discontinued and brightness range is reduced.  
  Version 1.0.7, corrects:  
- with the option 'View All' the warning pop-up ('meet new civilization') for players was removed and the AI civilizations no longer need to approach settlements and armies to meet and process information relative to other civilizations;  
- when attempting to load multiplayer games without saves the game would crash;  
- added extra information to 'Load' and 'Ready' buttons in the start game menus.  
  Version 1.0.6, corrects:  
- the game activation no longer requires an active internet connection (it does not connect to the game server and does not requires the server to be active), if you like the game please purchase a copy of the game;  
- multiplayer games have been adapted to be compatible for distinct game distributors (Clans to Kingdoms should be soon available to purchase in other sites);  
- EULA has changing accordingly, 'serial keys' have been replaced by 'game copies'.  
  Version 1.0.5, corrects:  
- the unit information pane on the Join and Split army menus would often span outside the screen;  
- some spelling, text and error codes corrected/updated.  
  Version 1.0.4, corrects:  
- the detected monitor refresh-rate was incorrectly rounded such that for several systems no valid graphic configurations was detected (resulting on a application error). This is now corrected;  
- it includes some corrections to the predefined 'Highest' graphics settings. These are now unlocked for graphic cards with output of 64bit per pixel (note that typically monitors are 32 bit);  
- activation information for the game is now fully deleted on uninstall;  
- all game executable files have now version information.  
  Version 1.0.3, corrects:  
- added a 'Reset Serial' button to the main menu that changes the activation serial key (required only to change the serial for multiplayer games);  
- added the game version number to the main menu;  
- corrected a mismatch for lowest graphics settings and 32bit systems memory thresholds;  
- includes a 64bit executable and a 32bit executable with two distinct icons, as the engine is currently being ported to DirectX 12, this new version requires recent redistributables and it may require a system restart (however at this stage no promise to actually release a DirectX 12 version for this game).  
  Version 1.0.2, corrects:  
- an event information menu would not always show at the beginning of a new turn;  
- EULA rewritten, 'CTK' explicitly corresponds to the game Developers and Artists, users have explicit permission for posting game content on social networks and explicit permission for each user to have several serial keys (for multiplayer).  
  Version 1.0.1, corrects:  
- game would sometimes crash when playing with unplugged sound card, this is corrected, note that all hardware must be initialized before starting the game (and the ip assigned for multiplayer games);
- the "Bandits Camps (on/off)" option was reset each time the game started, it is now saved with the remaining settings;
- removed debug information left unintentionally (meaning F1 no longer gives extra tile information); added version information.

The standard gamer is probably not reading so far down this page, however here you are. We have payed for the software used to make this game and have an assign budget for 4 years of server maintenance. At the moment the executable and setup files do not have a digital code-signature as the certificate price is beyond our current free budget, if you like the game please purchase a game copy. The setup and executable file hashes for the most recent game version are listed below which (hopefully) should be enough to verify the origin and authenticity of the software:

'CTK_setup_V109.exe' file hash:
'CTK_setup_updateV109.exe' file hash:

'CTK.exe' file hash:
'CTK32.exe' file hash:
'netGames.exe' file hash:
'SerialActivation.exe' file hash:

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