Title: Clans to Kingdoms, a 4X Turn-Based Strategy City Building game
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Download Clans to Kingdoms

It only runs on Windows PC and installation requires an 'Administrator' Windows account. Click the download button:

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After the download finishes please run the windows installer 'CTK_setup_V10104.exe'. The redistributables included in the installer (DirectX 11.0 and VC++) are automatically installed and are required for the game to run.

The game does not work on Android or any other OS. All setup and executable files have been submitted for analysis to several antivirus being checked as virus free, the file hashes are given at the bottom of the page.

  Download Update v.  
- reduces map update times;  
- the camera position after load is corrected (sometimes would center on a distinct tile of the save game, for multiplayer games it always centers on the player capital);  
- reduces late game load game times (depending on your machine up to 20s for 120x120 tile maps, there are no significant changes for early game loads).  
- when breaking alliances the fog of war is correctly updated;  
- delay (waiting) times have been reduced at end of end turn, beginning of in-game save/load and for the time lines menu in exchange for an increase on update map times after new alliances.  
- adds 'Updating World' waiting warning at the end of end turns.  
- the turn log was always showing 'free play' for the game victory conditions (this was due to the recent translations, the victory conditions were properly checked);  
- in the multiplayer start menus when editing text and other players changed anything the edited text would be reset to the default text (this is corrected);  
- when loading multiplayer games the player names can now be edited (please note that the names are still reset to 'player' to preserve player nicknames private, in case the players decide to broadcast the game or continue the game with distinct players).  
  Version 1.0.10:  
- adds French and German languages to the game;  
- memory allocation revised (solves some undetected bugs);  
- solves other bugs/issues (yet some corrections to the text, some control keys are now translated, mouse is now unconstraint when using Alt-Tab in windowed mode, at times the game would still crash with unplugged sound card).  
  Version 1.0.9:  
- adds Spanish and Portuguese languages to the game;  
- fully revises English text;  
- fully revises menus;  
- solves bugs in the army menus (create and split);  
- names can nolonger be null (this issue could cause the game to crash);  
- output files are now in wide character encoding, this update will force a reset of the game settings (using non latin characthers for civilization/capital/leader names would cause the game to crash, to keep your current settings you can open the settings file in notepad and 'save as' with 'UTF-16 LE' or 'UNICODE' encoding);  
- it is save game compatible (for saved games the names are not translated);  

The standard gamer is probably not reading so far down this page, however here you are. We have payed for the software used to make this game and have an assign budget for 3 years of server maintenance. At the moment the executable and setup files do not have a digital code-signature as the certificate price is beyond our current free budget, if you like the game please purchase a game copy. The setup and executable file hashes for the most recent game version are listed below which (hopefully) should be enough to verify the origin and authenticity of the software:

'CTK_setup_V10104.exe' file hash:
'CTK_setup_updateV10104.exe' file hash:

'CTK.exe' file hash:
'CTK32.exe' file hash:
'netGames.exe' file hash:
'SerialActivation.exe' file hash:

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(let us know if you find any problem, issue or bug: contact @ clanstokingdoms.com or clanstokingdoms @ gmail.com)

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