Title: Clans to Kingdoms, a 4X Turn-Based Strategy City Building game

Frequently Asked Questions

  I have a NVIDIA however the graphic settings are auto detected as lowest. How to solve this issue?  
It is required to manualy add the executable CTK.exe to the NVIDIA control panel and select the option to run with the NVIDIA graphics card (when applicable).

  Why are the highest graphic settings disabled?  
These graphic settings are intended for cards with 64bit/128bit graphics output. There was a bug on the conditions to unlock these settings which was corrected in version 1.0.4.

  How to start a multiplayer game?  
Please check the demonstration video in YouTube for a demonstration. Computers must be connected to LAN/Internet before starting the game and when prompted by the firewall it is required to add a exception so that the game can access the network.

  When 'Searching Internet' to join a multiplayer game I get an error 'cannot connect to server', how to solve this?  
This message was showing when no games are listed in server, this glitch is now solved from server side. When no games are listed in the server you should now get no text on the top of the menu or the text 'no new games found'.

  In multiplayer games the end turns take a long time, is there a way to speed end turns?  
Disable army movement animations in the options of the new game menu (or load game menu) for faster end turns.

  How can I change the serial after activating the game?  
As from version 1.0.3 this issue has been solved and from version 1.0.4 the activation information is fully deleted on uninstall. Install update 104 (or above) or reinstall the game latest version and click the button 'Change Serial' in the start menu.

  How to activate the game if the server is discontinued?  
From version 1.0.6 the activation does not require an active internet connection (it does not connect to the game server and does not requires it to be active), if you like the game please purchase a copy of the game. The only service that may be discontinued is the multiplayer game listing based on the server, you can always play LAN games and connect to any known ip host with out need of the game server. Nevertheless we have an assigned budget for 4 years of server maintenance.


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