Title: Clans to Kingdoms, a 4X Turn-Based Strategy City Building game

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have a NVIDIA however the graphic settings are auto detected as lowest. How to solve this issue?  
It is required to manualy add the game executable CTK.exe (or CTK_steam.exe, or CTKd_steam.exe) to the NVIDIA control panel and select the preferred graphics processor to 'High performance NVIDIA processor' (when applicable) and/or set the options to 'High Performance' (when applicable).

Open (Run) 'NVIDIA Control Panel' -> 'Manage 3D settings' -> 'Program Settings' -> 'add' -> (select program) -> 'Add Selected Program'. Then set the preferred graphics processor and/or 'High Performance' in the settings menus below. To save the settings click 'Apply' at the bottom of the Control Panel.

In case the game is not listed in the (select program) menu you can 'Browse' to the directory of the game executables and add it to the list, default directories are:
   'C:\Program Files (x86)\ClansToKingdoms'
   'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Clans to Kingdoms'
   'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Clans to Kingdoms Demo'

  2. Why are the highest graphic settings disabled?  
These graphic settings have been discontinued as from version 1.0.8.

  3. How to learn to play the game?  
Are included 6 in-game tutorials to introduce the main game concepts and game mechanics (only 4 for the Free Demo). To start a tutorial click the button 'Tutorials' in the start menu, select the tutorial you wish to play and click the button 'Ok' (we recommend to play the tutorials by the respective numbering order). For a brief introduction to starting singleplayer games and gameplay please watch the gameplay video at YouTube.

  4. How to start a multiplayer game?  
Please check the demonstration video in YouTube for a brief introduction to start multiplayer games. Computers must be connected to LAN/Internet before starting the game and when prompted by the firewall it is required to add a exception so that the game can access the network.

  5. When 'Searching Internet' to join a multiplayer game I get an error 'cannot connect to server', how to solve this?  
This message was showing when no games are listed in server, this glitch is now solved from server side. When no games are listed in the server you should now get no text on the top of the menu or the text 'no new games found'.

  6. How to play co-op multiplayer games?  
When starting a new multiplayer game ensure the 'allied victory' option is ticked. When meeting other players in-game change your diplomatic stance to allies. Please check the demonstration video in YouTube that contains a brief example.

  7. In multiplayer games the end turns take a long time, is there a way to speed end turns?  
Disable army movement animations in the options of the new game menu (or load game menu) for faster end turns.

  8. What happens if the server is discontinued?  
The only service that may be discontinued is the multiplayer game listing based on the server, you can always play LAN games and connect to any known ip host with out need of the game server. Nevertheless we have an assigned budget for 4 years of server maintenance.


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